Composite roofing & cladding


Composite Roofing and Cladding

Composite Roofing and Cladding is factory produced under strict QA and comes in a wide variety of profiles and finishes with high thermal performance. This makes is a very versatile and cost effective product for may building types.

Longworth is a primary partner of the global leaders in insulated composite (sandwich) panels for roofs and walls.

By partnering with the leading manufacturers, we can meet any design and performance criteria, including high thermal or fire protection properties. As this roofing and cladding is available in a wide range of finishes, we are able to meet all of our clients’ needs.


  • Can be used as a finished aesthetical roof/wall system or as a backing structure for more decorative finishes such as rainscreens or fully supported systems.
  • Available with insulated cores in thicknesses up to 225mm to provide high thermal-performance for roofs and walls.
  • Excellent vapour control and air-tight properties to suit all projects.
  • Options of various cores, including fire-retardant for all project requirements.
  • Offers installation time reductions over built-up systems.
  • Available with up to 40 year warranties in some circumstances.

What our clients say

"Longworth's knowledge, hands-on attitude and wealth of experience allows them to work with the architect and project team to turn complex designs into reality. We commend their positive and cooperative attitude towards design."

Jason Duggan - Architect, Capita Symonds