Zipped standing seam roofing


Longworth provides a full design and build service for the construction of zipped standing seam roofing. This metal roofing provides excellent quality, is cost-effective and available in either a natural or coated finish.

We work closely with a number of leading manufacturers to deliver your project to exceptional standards and with complete warranty.


  • A modern system with prominent standing seam joints (around 65mm high).
  • An economic solution delivering excellent longevity of over 30 years.
  • Usually part of a full through roof construction, including decking sheets, vapour barriers, insulation, bar and bracket systems.
  • A more industrial look than the traditional standing seams. (Seams are ‘zipped up’ using machines on site).
  • Produced in various metals and finishes, with the standard outer sheet being aluminium.
  • Usually available with a warranty of up to 25 years.

What our clients say

"We’re really pleased with the proactive effort put in by Longworth to ensure the desired quality is achieved. The building is well received by everyone and regarded as a success."

Husnee Jamalluddin - Associate, Halsall Lloyd Partnership