Health and Safety


5 Year Strategy

This strategy demonstrates our commitment to improvement and effective risk management throughout the organisation, the industry and beyond.

We believe sharing how we did not meet targets shows transparency in what we do and we are extremely proud to say that we are ever evolving and have a strong learning culture at Longworth.

With our leadership we are confident on the delivery of this strategy over the next 5 years.

Following on from the previous SHEQ strategy, this plan has been extended to cover a five year period.

The business is growing and risk management is an increasing focus for our industry.

The previous strategy saw us meeting minimum requirements a well as best practice, however, there are areas where we did not meet requirements and as expected the focus was to be flexible. Shifting in line with business requirements and industry demands including significant events having an effect on the construction industry, in particular the cladding industry.

This new strategy bring with it focus on horizon scanning and indeed achieving the targets from the previous strategy we did not meet.

As always, the plan is publicly available to all employees. Communication, consultation and participation of our employees is key to the success of this strategy with leadership from the board of directors.

What our clients say

"Longworth’s expertise in the traditional metal roofing trade proved invaluable. We would like to thank them for working closely with us to achieve our original vision."

Katy Heath, Nightingale Associates