Three benefits of zinc roofing and cladding 27 Feb 2019


Three Benefits of Zinc Roofing and Cladding

Longworth get asked all the time to provide quotations for zinc roofing and cladding. Recently we have seen a big spike in the amount of enquiries for zinc products, it’s obvious to us why project specifications are including zinc more and more but to make it clearer for everyone else, we’ve put together 3 reasons “Why people should opt for zinc roofing and cladding”.


1. The aesthetic qualities of zinc roofing and cladding

Zinc is an incredibly versatile product. It can be formed and shaped to suit a whole host of interesting roofing and cladding designs, from traditional standing seams to complex and highly architectural shingle patterns. It’s malleable enough to form difficult and intricate details and flashings around chimneys, abutments, penetrations while still being tough enough for extreme environments. The natural patina of zinc means that it ages very well. As the years go by, your zinc roofing and cladding will weather and age with increasing beauty. Zinc has the ability to blend old with new and vice versa. Zinc looks equally at home on a traditional mansard roof as it does on a hyper-modern construction as well as lending a touch of heritage to a modern extension on a traditional domestic house. You’re not limited to a natural zinc finishes either. Advanced modern technology allows our trusted suppliers to apply pre-patinated finishes and bespoke colours through the full spectrum.  With a long list of aesthetic finishes, it’s easy to see why, on the face of it, zinc roofing and cladding is increasing in popularity.

Zinc roofing and cladding The Bund The Alchemist Media City Salford Longworth Artez Living Ventures

The Bund in Salford Quays uses a contrasting standing seam zinc roofing and cladding to achieve a highly architectural finish on polyhedron shaped building. The zinc is finished in a Rainbow Gold colour.


2. The eco-friendly properties of zinc roofing and cladding

As well as the obvious aesthetic qualities, Zinc is has some brilliant environmental properties. It requires much less energy to produce compared to other traditional roofing metals such as steel, copper and aluminium due to its low melting point. At the end of the useful life of a building, the zinc roofing and cladding can be removed from the building and be completely recycled! Which in turn means that zinc roofing and cladding can be produced from recycled materials. Zinc also has low toxicity levels which means it has a clear water run-off and will not damage soil and ground water supply. Zinc is also widely used to fabricate rainwater goods. What a brilliantly useful and green life cycle! If you’re considering zinc for your next project then remember that the fantastic eco-friendly properties of zinc are looked upon very favourably by planners. Whats not to like?

Tower Wood Activity Centre in the Lake district in VMZINC Pigmento Green. Blends seamlessly with it’s natural woodland surroundings on the edge of Lake Windermere.



3. The robust nature of zinc roofing and cladding

Quite possibly a little know but superb quality of zinc, is its ability to keep out the corrosion. The top layer or patina of zinc is a result of the zinc reacting with water and oxygen and locking away carbon dioxide in a protective layer called zinc hydroxyl-carbonate [source: Zaso] that gives it it’s distinctive bluish patina. This unique quality is why zinc is used in the galvanising process of steel and iron to prevent it from rusting. It’s also how zinc is able to be “self healing”. When scratched, zinc will react with water and oxygen and form the protective patina layer. Zinc is also not degradable by UV light. All of these tough qualities made it very popular in the mid 18th century when it started to be produced in larger quantities. The vast majority of Paris still has original zinc roofs from that era. In theory, a well installed zinc roof by a reputable contractor should last in excess of 100 years.

Zinc roofing and cladding VMZINC pigmento Red Smokehouses Longworth

Smokehouses, North Shields. VM Zinc, Pigemento Red zinc roofing and cladding in a C5 marine environment on the banks of the River Tyne at the estuary to the North Sea.



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