The Longworth Christmas Blog – #6 Michael Hall 12 Dec 2019


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In the sixth of our Christmas Advent Blogs, our SHEQ Manager Melissa Fazackerley asks our Contracts Manager Michael Hall the following question –


As someone managing people on site, what effect do you think health and safety has on that relationship between Longworth and our contractors 


Construction sites present particular challenges when it comes to health and safety.  It is in the top 10 most dangerous professions in the world and over the past 20 years the industry has come on leaps and bounds in protecting individuals on site.  As time goes by and things continue to improve, managers and employees are likely to agree more about the causes of safe/unsafe behaviours and workplace accidents. This will ultimately increase their ability to work in unison to prevent accidents and to respond appropriately when they do occur. 

Michael Hall Advent Blog Longworth Christmas

Leaders, at any level need to understand the range of health and safety risks in their part of the organisation and must give proportionate attention to each of them. This applies to the level of detail and effort put into assessing the risks, implementing controls, supervising and monitoring. In some instances operatives onsite feel that the levels of H&S put in place out way the risks in certain activities.  When this happens they tend to try and steer away from using the correct PPE and method.  This is where the leader must implement his/her authority and not only stress the importance of it but try and educate the individual[s].  This sometimes can cause conflict and seem to be a tad undermining but the rules are the rules and we all must abide by them.  

Here at Longworth health and safety sits above everything we do. All our long serving sub-contractors know our ethos and buy into it. Our relationship with the main contractors is where it is through not only producing fantastic looking projects but our attitude towards Health and Safety.


Longworth has an excellent safety record and strives to continue this way and be not only the best but the safest cladding contractor in the UK. 


What our clients say

"Longworth's knowledge, hands-on attitude and wealth of experience allows them to work with the architect and project team to turn complex designs into reality. We commend their positive and cooperative attitude towards design."

Jason Duggan - Architect, Capita Symonds